Alfred Adler’s key publications were:

  • The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology (1927)
  • Understanding Human Nature (1927)
  • What Life Could Mean to You (1931)

In his lifetime, Adler published more than 300 books and articles.

The Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washington has recently published the twelve-volume set of The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler, covering his writings from 1898-1937. An entirely new translation of Adler’s magnum opus, The Neurotic Character, is featured in Volume 1.

Volume 1 : The Neurotic Character — 1907

Volume 2 : Journal Articles 1898-1909

Volume 3 : Journal Articles 1910-1913

Volume 4 : Journal Articles 1914-1920

Volume 5 : Journal Articles 1921-1926

Volume 6 : Journal Articles 1927-1931

Volume 7 : Journal Articles 1931-1937

Volume 8 : Lectures to Physicians & Medical Students

Volume 9 : Case Histories

Volume 10 : Case Readings & Demonstrations

Volume 11 : Education for Prevention

Volume 12 : The General System of Individual Psychology
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North America:

The Journal of Individual Psychology (University of Texas Press)

Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology (Adlerian Psychology Association of British Columbia)

United Kingdom:

Adlerian Yearbook (Adlerian Society, UK)