Parenting Support

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Alfred Adler pioneered positive parenting strategies which include natural and logical consequences, encouragement and mutual respect.

Here at The Adler Centre we work to promote his vision of creating capable, resilient and creative children through Adlerian concepts and principles such as mutual respect, social interest, psychological birth order, cooperative problem solving, the four goals of misbehaviour and the family meeting.

There is a need to develop democratic character in our selves and our children so that these precious and all too vulnerable principles may prevail. These insightful and pragmatic ideas transform families and therefore they also transform communities. They make for resilient children who will grow up with the democratic stamina to help change an ailing world.


Parenting Workshops

The Adler Centre offers an 8 week parenting group that is based on the highly regarded S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training in Effective Parenting) method.  The group explores strategies for dealing with the challenges of being a parent.  The STEP program covers topic such as: Encouragement, Parenting Styles, Family Constellation, Goals of Behaviour, Problem-Solving, Communication, Promoting Capability and Positive Discipline.  It is aimed at children aged 1-12.  For more information please click here.


 “The proper way of training children is identical with the proper way of treating fellow human beings”

– Rudolf Dreikurs