Introduction to S.T.E.P. Parenting Workshops

We are excited to announce the launching of this new one-day introductory course!

The course was developed to support growing community-awareness of Systematic Training in Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) and the ability of its graduates to foster harmony, functioning, and respect in their families. In addition, graduates find that the principles on which S.T.E.P. is based are transferable to the classroom, the office, indeed to any setting where groups of people are obliged to interact and work together.

Through this introductory course, it is now possible to get an overview of the simplicity and power of S.T.E.P. Parenting without (or before) taking the full 8-day PTIB (formerly PCTIA) approved Certificate Program in Parent Education.

The course is open to professional or student educators, counsellors, social workers, day-care workers, or those interested in family and classroom or group dynamics and will offer concrete parenting tools, some of which can be transferred to the classroom setting.

Teachers of children of all ages are interested in understanding Adlerian-based principles and how to apply them in the classroom setting.

Educators and School Counsellors want first-hand experience of where to direct parents to get simple, solid, effective, and non-judgmental parenting support.

Teachers, Educators, Counsellors, and Social Workers want to know whether they would like to become Certified Parent Facilitators so that they can run their own independent STEP Parenting Workshops.


James Skinner, M.Ed, CPF, the Executive Director of The Adler Centre and Alfred Adler Institute, will be launching this new course that has been extracted from our PTIB (formerly PCTIA) approved Certificate Program in Parenting Education.

As a Systematic Training in Effective Parenting (STEP) Workshop facilitator, he has helped countless families to nurture capable, co-operative, and contributing children, and to establish harmony in the home. Jim’s passion lies in encouraging and nurturing Community. Read more


$150 (Registration necessary)

Graduates of Introduction to STEP Parenting Workshops, who register for the full Certificate Program in Parent Education, will be eligible for a $100 credit for participation in a Parenting Workshop, please enquire.

Dates 2017


Please contact us for more information and registration dates!


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