2021 Dreams & Dream Interpretation Workshop

This event is on OCT, 30 at the SFU Harbour Centre.


This workshop combines experiential and practical discussion for implementing dream work into counselling and psychotherapy practice. Together we will explore the following topics: The science

and psychology of dreams; Nightmares, ‘bad dreams’, and night terrors; Dream interpretation; Adlerian approaches to dream work; and clinical uses of dreams.

Date: Saturday, October 30th, 2021


Dr. Shelley is clinical director of The Adler Centre, a not-for-profit counselling and teaching clinic in Vancouver operated by the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC. He has been an Adlerian educator and therapist in both England and Canada having taught for the Adlerian Society UK (London) and at The University of British Columbia – lecturing in the Faculty of Arts and also the graduate program in Counselling Psychology. Additionally, he is a clinical supervisor for City University of Seattle (Vancouver campus) and the author of various scholarly works in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, theoretical psychology, and gender – social justice studies.

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