Directory of Adlerian Counselling Therapists

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*Please note: this is not a list of counsellors at our clinic, The Adler Centre. Please contact the clinic directly to book with one of our counsellors.
A – C (TOP)

Dr. Robert Armstrong, PhD, RPsych, CAC
phone: 604-738-6007
1 – 1201 Lamey’s Mill Rd.
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3S8

Sunita Ashok, MA, BRSW, CAC
phone: 778-322-3943
Burnaby, BC

Deborah Bailey, MA, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-970-0416
Langley/Vancouver, BC

Mercedes Baines, MA, RCC, CCC, CAC  Mercedes Baines
phone: 604-721-5399
Mind in Body Integrated Counselling Services
Offices in Vancouver & Surrey

I am passionate about the unique meaning you make of your world & your capacity to live a more fully embodied life. My areas of practice include: grief & loss; body image; creativity; relationships; communication; trauma; identity; sexuality & issues related to race & culture. I offer counselling & workshop services for individuals, couples, businesses & organizations.

Rosalyn Best, MCP, RCC, CAC Rosalyn Best
phone: 778-834-1867
460 Lancaster Crescent
Richmond, BC, V7B 1C5

Journeys by adults and the families of adults with physical disabilities, serious mental illness, depression, anxiety, and ‘just plain’ feelings of not belonging, these are the journeys I have been touched by.  As a trained Adlerian therapist, I strive to help people find meaning and belonging through understanding their own stories.  Richmond Office: excellent parking, wheelchair accessible.  Vancouver office available.

Lynda Beveridge, MA, RCC, CAC, CPFLynda Beveridge
phone: 778-888-3931
Two Locations: West Broadway, Vancouver
and Metrotown, Burnaby

Lynda has a background as an educator and a therapist. With over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families, she has a depth of understanding of family dynamics and the challenges of staying connected across nations and generations. She has specific expertise in working with individuals and families who experience Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and other learning or functional challenges associated with developmental diagnoses such as ADHD.

Sheila Boyce, MA, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-988-6828
2 – West Keith Road,
North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1M6

Seema Buksh, MA, RCC, BCATR, ATR-BC, CAC
Office located in Coquitlam, BC

Susan Burak, MA, RCC, CAC
email: or
400 – 601 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C2

D – F (TOP)

Lana Deeter, MA, RCC, CACLana3
phone: 604-805-5262
12415 – 24th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 2E3

Cynthia DeWild, MA, CCC, CAC
phone: 416-318-2278
1849 Yonge Street, Suite 511
Toronto, ON, M4S 1Y2

Dr. Rosalie C. Diaz, CAC
phone: 778-960-6762
Vancouver and Surrey, BC

Tabasom Eblaghie, MA, RCC,
phone: 604-889-3635
Corner of Plateau and Robson Street, Coquitlam

I respect the uniqueness of each individual & have worked hard in upgrading my education on a continual basis in order to ensure you receive the best care. I received my Masters from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver, BC. The modalities I use in therapy are Adlerian, Narrative, EMDR, CBT & Clinical Hypnosis. 

Jackie Ellis, MA, RCC, CCC, CAC
205 – 2628 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B4

Carolynne Errico, MA, CAC
phone: 604 819 6040
Chilliwack, BC

G – I (TOP)

Antonio Guzman, MA, RCC, CAC
202-1651 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Lida Izadi, MA, RCC, CAC Lida-I
503 – 938 Howe Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9


J – L (TOP)

Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-926-6665
113 – 2419 Bellevue Ave.
West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4T4

Andrea Jonsson, MA, CCC, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-868-2445
Suite 400 1681 Chestnut Street
Vancouver, BC, V6J 4M6

Chasidy Karpiuk, MA, RCC, CAP, CAC
phone: 604-377-8175
#200-101 W.16th,
North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1T3

Deborah Kong, MCP, RCC, CCC, CAC                                                            deborah-kong-patterson-square
phone: 604-727-6278
200 – 1892 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9


Jean Logan, MA, RCC, CAC
Surrey, BC

M – O (TOP)

Teal Maedel, MA, RCC, R.Psych., CAC
Vancouver, BC

gloDr. Glo McArter, PhD, RCC, CCC, RMFT, CAC
380 – 522 7th St.
New Westminster, BC
V3M 5T5
phone: 604-520-1002

Laurel Mowatt, MA, RCC, CCC, CAC
205 – 2628 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B4

Betty Murray, MA, RN, CAC
phone: 604-612-2152
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Edward Murray, CAC
phone: 604-855-6426
2639 Daybreak Lane
Abbotsford, BC, V3G 2W9

P – R (TOP)

Mena Perrotta, MA, RCC
phone: 604-733-7709
338 West 8th Ave, Suite #201 – Buzzer #0201
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3X2

Joe Ramirez, MCP, CAC, CCC Joe Ramirez Profile Pic - suit
phone: 778-227-9423
415-470 Granville St.
Vancouver BC, V6J 1V5

Joe Ramirez is a Certified Adlerian Counsellor, providing brief counselling and longer-term psychotherapy to individual & couples counselling. Although he works with the general population, specialized areas of practice include: Male Survivors of Sexual Assault; Latin-Canadian Relationships (Se habla español); LGBTQ Sexual Identity, Gay Relationships, Parenting, and Family Ally Support. Centrally located in downtown Vancouver and easily accessible via Skytrain.

Lori Rock, MA, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-649-2468 (W) 604-255-9843
Vancouver, BC

S – U (TOP)

Uri Sanhedrai, MA, RCC, CAC
phone: 604-428-3030
917 – 470 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1V5

Dr. Chris Shelley, PhD, CCC-S, CACChris Shelley
phone: 604-742-1818
The Adler Centre,
440-2184 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E1

Judith Simonett, MA, RCC, CCC, CAC
phone: 604-617-5201
Vancouver, BC

James Skinner, MEd, CAC
phone: 604-786-8231
440-2184 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E1

V – Z (TOP)

Nancy Watters, MA, RCC, CAC Nancy's portrait copy
phone: 250-508-8997
1615 Yale Street
Victoria, BC, V8R 5N5

Nancy A. Watters, MA, RCC, helps people overcome depression, anxiety, trauma and pain through a holistic approach to wellness.  Each client receives an action-oriented treatment plan, which may include Adlerian psychotherapy, Certified sound therapy, Reiki, acupressure, parenting education and spiritual companioning.  She teaches many self-help tools that speed recovery.