In 2006 I was approached to take on the position of Executive Director of the APABC and it’s programs at the Adler Centre. Initially I felt reluctant since I was newly retired after 38 years in Public Education, and I had lapsed my membership as an Adlerian with the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC (APABC). Yes, in 1976, I took a UBC Education course from Edna Nash, yes for decades I have taught Adlerian principles and strategies at the post graduate level and yes I have lead many parenting courses over 30 years, but how involved in maintaining APABC – a group that has been the custodian of Adlerian practices in BC for the past 34 years – have I been? Probably, lapsed is not quite so accurate, since in spirit and in practice I have remained an Adlerian throughout, yet like many others my life became quite busy and I drifted away from APABC. In returning to the fold, I see what an exciting time this is for Adlerians in BC, especially following our extremely successful hosting of NASAP in May and our delightful new Centre located in Vancouver at Broadway and Burrard.

When I met Professor Heinz Ansbacher in San Diego in the late 1990’s he mentioned Alfred Adler’s vision of a Democratic Social Movement based on the idea that social interest (caring for the cares of others) could transform the world. But instead Ansbacher was witnessing Adler’s social vision being merely turned into marketing ploys! Adler’s holistic vision is about the connecting together of people within the organic fabric of community, so that we have a sense of belonging and care towards one another, and so we can prepare children to enter a world that requires greater cooperation, peace, and the care of each other – and the crust of this earth – that we all know is strained under present conditions.

So, I took on the position as Executive Director of the Adler Centre because I didn’t want a province that didn’t have a facility, a venue to come and learn about the truly transformative, life changing experience that we Adlerians have experienced through our involvement in various programs provided by APABC over the past 34 years. The other motivating factor in choosing to be the Executive Director is my children and grandchildren. To date we have three grandchildren. That they have the opportunity to feel the excitement each of us experienced when we first came upon Adlerian concepts and principles such as mutual respect, social interest, psychological birth order, cooperative problem solving, the four goals of misbehaviour and the family meeting. The need to develop democratic character in our selves and our children in the hopes to sustain and grow people who can live together so that these precious and all too venerable principles may prevail. These insightful and pragmatic ideas transform families and therefore they also transform communities. These timeless principles make for resilient children who will grow up with the democratic stamina to help change an ailing world.

APABC is about people. It’s about how we build community, encouraging resilient children, nurturing families, schools and organizations building on democratic principles.

In this hyper-world, where the sense of community is ever so thin, we have a longing for authentic and caring communities. APABC’s mandate is to continue to build on this vision and we invite you to get involved, or if you have lapsed in membership, to consider getting re-involved.

The Adler Centre is committed to offering quality programming and affordable counselling to those in the lower mainland, the Province of BC and beyond.
As Executive Director, one of my aims is to encourage others, whose membership with APABC has also lapsed to come back and join us as we begin a new chapter of exciting programs and workshops beginning this Fall. Whether your interest lies in parenting, or if you are a counselor looking for continuing education, or if you know of someone who could benefit from seeing a counselor at our clinic, we value your support and commitment. In making this appeal, I invite you to tour our new website, and to consider the benefits you would receive from an ongoing support and/or involvement in the Adlerian movement in BC.

So if you are a lapsed member, a returning Adlerian or a new member of APABC we invite you to support us so that the Dream of Democratic living will be realized in the larger community. Call the Centre, visit our website, take the opportunity to become a member, volunteer and/or participate in one of our upcoming workshops.