Certificate Program Course Descriptions

Introduction to Adlerian Psychology (2 credits)

This is an introductory course that will survey the core theoretical tenets of Adlerian psychology. Through a blend of instructor presentation and small group exercises emphasizing reflexive awareness, we will explore the following units: Social Interest and Community Feeling; Holism and the Creative Self; Fictional Finalism, Teleology, and Goals; Encouragement; Inferiority, Superiority and Compensation; Life Style / Style of Life; Early Recollections; Family Constellation and Birth Order; Life Tasks & Social Embeddedness; The un/conscious in Adlerian Psychology; Private Logic & ‘Common Sense’; Symptoms and ‘Neurosis’; Safeguarding Behaviour; Guilt and Guilt Feelings; Socratic Questioning. This course may be taken for continuing education units or applied towards Certification for Adlerian Counsellors (Note: The full Adlerian Counselling program has been discontinued. We are Certifying those with equivalent skills only. Please contact the Registrar for further information).

Facilitator: Dr. Chris Shelley

Intro. to Basic Principles of Adlerian Parenting (1 credit)

This course offers an introduction to the basic principles of Adlerian parenting.  Key concepts will be explored, including:  encouragement, goals of behaviour, understanding children, and mutual respect in parenting.  An experiential component will allow participants to lead an activity (typically part of a parenting course.  This will serve as an introduction to the group dynamics/group facilitation course.

Facilitator: Letitia Lipp

 Basic skills in Adult Education (0.5 credit)

This course offers an introduction of the basic principles used in adult education.  Key concepts will be explored, including: keeping a group on-task, mutual encouragement and support, assisting unlearning, and group facilitation for maximum learning. The course will include information on creating and marketing groups appropriately.

Facilitator: Jim Skinner

 Group Dynamics/Group Facilitation Skills (0.5 credit)

This course offers instruction in and practice of the twelve skills of group facilitation and of Socratic questioning techniques.  The different traits of encouragement and effective group leadership will be explored.  Planning and presenting groups, including the ethical and legal issues involved in parent education, and how to implement the learning cycle will be covered.

Facilitator: Jim Skinner